The Afflicted (2010)

The Afflicted (2010)
By Rhiannon AKA The Sadistic Nurse

This movie was crazy. In a sick and twisted way I actually liked the movie. I really like movies that have the whole obsessed “religious fanatic “in it, for some reason I find it interesting. This movie is inspired by a true story about a woman named Theresa Knorr who was convicted of torturing and murdering two of her children. The movie was written and directed by Jason Stoddard.
Maggie (Leslie Easterbrook) is a very disturbed mother of 4 who is an obsessed religious fanatic, who delivers an unimaginable abuse and torture to her children, while defending her actions through her sick twisted interpretations of the bible. Carla (Sims Holland) Cathy (Michele Grey) and Grace (Tammy Trull) are Maggie’s daughters they live in contest fear of their mother, not knowing whether or not they will live to see another day. Maggie seems to have something against her daughters because her son Billy (Cody Allen) seems to escape the wrath of his mother.

theafflictedTheresa Knorr who inspired this movie was a crazy evil woman. Theresa was physically, verbally, psychological abusive to her children but had a lot hatred towards her 2 daughters Susan and Shelia. Jealousy enrages Theresa because her daughters are growing up to be beautiful young women. She is convinced that her daughters are witches and have put spells on her to make her gain weight and to make her ugly. For years Theresa tortures and abuses her children by burning them with cigarettes, and beating them. She focuses her anger primarily on her daughters training her sons Robert and Howard to beat and discipline and restrain their sisters. Theresa ended up killing both Susan and Shelia. Theresa shoots Susan in the chest with a 22-cailber pistol during a heated argument. The bullet lodges into Susan’s back but Theresa refuses to take her daughter to a hospital and takes Susan to the bathroom and leaves her in the bathtub to die. Susan tells her mother that she wants to move out. Theresa agrees to let Susan move out only if she lets her take the bullet out of her back. Susan lies on the kitchen floor while her mother gives her some pills and liquor that is used as an anesthetic. Theresa orders Robert to remove the bullet with a box cutter. Susan gets and infection and becomes jaundice and slips into a coma. Theresa refuses to let the other children see Susan, as she lies dying on the kitchen floor. Theresa tells the children that Susan’s illness was caused by a possession of Satan and the only way to get rid of the demon is by using fire. Susan is then taken to the Sierra Nevada where she is burned alive.

After Susan’s death Theresa focus the brunt of her abuse and torture on Shelia. She is forced to become a prostitute by her mother. Shelia then is accused of giving her mother Theresa an STD via the toilet seat. After that the abuse towards Shelia becomes worse. Shelia was locked in a closet and died of dehydration and starvation several days later. Shelia’s body was packed up into a cardboard box and then dumped on the side of the road. Theresa’s youngest daughter Terry was her only daughter that survived and was able to escape the unimaginable abuse from her mother by standing up to her mother. On October 17,1995 Theresa was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.
Even though I liked this movie it was still kind of hard for me to watch because I have a hard time watching movies that have kids being tortured and abused. Don’t get me wrong, but I do like torture but not when kids are the ones being tortured. If you like movies that have the whole obsessed “religious fanatic” in it then you will like this movie.

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