Rampage (2009)

Film : Rampage (2009)

Directed by : Uwe Boll

Production : Event Films

Reviewed by : Doc AKA The Sadistic Surgeon


Yep, it’s another Uwe Boll film. This one actually shocked the shit out of people –  because they said that even a broken clock is correct twice a day. And guess what folks, Uwe Boll makes something resembling a good movie! It’s not a video game adaptation … It’s not a parody… It’s not even really that gory … Maybe it’s a commentary on society as Rampage_Bollwe know it today… Maybe it’s a statement on Boll’s feelings toward America. (or Canada) … Whatever the case may be, this is Rampage.

Young Bill Williams (Brendan Fletcher) is pissed off. He’s pissed off because of the tedious lifestyle he leads. His morning starts out like any other young man living in his parent’s basement in the small town of Tenderville, Oregon .. wake up, lift weights, throw darts (into a poster of the human anatomy to  be exact) …He comes downstairs to find his mother and father waiting for him in order to urge him to move out. Amidst some awkward moments, they both leave for work. He drives to work, stopping on the way to visit a small coffee shop, where the owner and him get into a shouting match over an incorrectly made machiatto. He’s seemingly underpaid and overworked at his job as a mechanic. And his only best friend Evan (Shaun Sipos) is full of diatribe on population control. Bill wants to know what Evan is going to do about it – accusing him of being all talk and no action. But as this is all going on, Bill Williams is working toward unleashing a bloody secret. He goes home that night and sets off to build a suit of body armor, collects some automatic weapons, and heads into town for a rampage. The rest is history.

This film is a social commentary on the state of the world today. It’s not immediately evident in the subject matter of the film itself – you need to read between the lines, and I think that’s true with any Uwe Boll movie. You can hear the reasons this film is the way it is in the background – the staccato talking of the radio reporting on mass violence and killings.. The attitudes of the people surrounding Bill Williams as he goes about his day … And ultimately they are all just cattle to him. It’s the kind of film where you watch it five times, and every single time you discover a new detail, a new little idiosyncracy. And that folks, is why Rampage is a good movie. It’s not a great movie – there are no doubt plenty of other cinematic masterpieces out there that overshadow Rampage with their spirit and character. But in Boll’s world, this stands out as a definite masterpiece.

Rating 8.2






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