Grimm Love (2006)

Film : Grimm Love (2006)

Directed by : Martin Weisz

Production : Senator Entertainment
By Rhiannon AKA The Sadistic Nurse

I really liked this movie. I found it to be really disturbing which my sick and twisted mind just loved. This movie is also part of The Fangoria FrightFest series. So far this is my favorite movie out of the series. Usually horror movies don’t freak me out but because this movie is a psychological horror movie it kind of got to me a little bit. This movie is inspired by the Armin Meiwes cannibal murder case that happened Germany in March of 2001. The movie sheds light on the crimes that Armin Meiwes committed but doesn’t go into gory details on what actually happened on the night of March 9,2001.

grimmloveMartin Weisz directed this movie and T.S. Faull takes writing credit. The movie is about an American girl named Katie Armstrong (Keri Russell) who is going to school in Germany. Her major is criminal psychology, she choose a notorious subject for her thesis, a cannibal killer named Oliver Hartwin (Thomas Kretschman). Katie begins her research by looking into the life and crimes of Oliver Hartwin, who was convicted of murder for eating another man. Hartwin’s crime was unusual because he posted ads on a website called The Cannibal Café. He would also go into chat rooms asking for volunteers between the ages of 21 to 40 who would be willing to be murdered and then eaten. Oliver does find a victim who is willing to let Oliver kill him then consume of his flesh but as Oliver is preparing to get ready to kill him the man freaks out and changes his mind. Oliver then posts another ad on the websites message board looking for someone who is serious about being killed and then eaten. A man named Simon (Thomas Huber) sends Oliver a message saying that he is willing to give up his body to Oliver. The two men send messages back and forth for a couple of days until the day they actually meet. Oliver tells Simon what he plans on doing to him. Simon has a request for Oliver; he tells Oliver that he wants him to bite off his dick and then eat. Simon wants Oliver to be able to feast off of his flesh for a couple of days. Before the horrific crime is to take place Simon drinks a bottle of cough syrup before Oliver is to dine on his flesh. They soon realize the cough syrup is not working and Simon wants to back out of their agreement. Oliver is able to convince Simon to stay, and they go get some more cough syrup, sleeping pills, and vodka. Simon drinks the bottle of vodka and the cough syrup and takes bunch sleeping pills. Oliver turns on the video camera and tapes the horrific crime. Then he tries to bite Simon’s dick off but isn’t successful at doing so, then Oliver just takes a knife and cuts the dick off. He tries to get Simon to eat his own raw dick but because he is so weak from the blood loss he is unable to eat it and tells Oliver that it’s too rubbery so Oliver takes the dick and cooks in in the frying pan. Oliver then eats Simon’s dick. Meanwhile Katie visits this Cannibal Café website and posts a message asking if anyone has a copy of the tape of Oliver killing Simon. Someone answers Katie’s message and asks if she is sure she wants the tape and she says she would like to watch the tape. Katie gets the tape and watches it and she can barely stomach what she is watching and after watching the tape she destroys the tape in rage.

While this movie isn’t super gory it’s definitely a movie worth watching. The movie is not for the faint of heart. If you are someone who gets grossed out easy this is not a movie for you.

The actual story of Armin Meiwes is pretty dark and disturbing. He had a rough upbringing and at a young age became obsessed with the story Hansel and Gretel, in particular chapter where the witch fattens Hansel up to cook him and eat him. When Meiwes was 12 he began fantasizing about eating his friends so they would become a part of him and stay with him forever. His desire to eat someone grew deeper and deeper after his mother died in 1999. Armin starts becoming interested in pornography that has to do with torture and pain. This leads him to find a chat room about cannibalism. In the chat room is where he meets a 43-year-old man named Bernd Brandes. Meiwes told the court during his trail that Brandes always had a desire to be eaten and said that he fulfilled Brandes desire and ate him. The research that I did on Armin Meiwes says that he cuts off Brandes penis and fries it in a pan with some salt, pepper, wine and garlic and also some of Brandes fat but it was too burned to consume, so Meiwes cuts the penis into chunks and feeds it to the dog. Other things I have read say that both men ate the penis. By this point Brandes is bleeding so bad that Meiwes puts him in the bathtub and reads him a Star Trek novel. Then in the early hours of the morning Meiwes finally finishes Brandes off by kissing him and then takes a large kitchen knife and stabs him in the throat. It is said that Meiwes then chops his victim up and stores his body parts in pizza boxes then puts the boxes in the freezer and then buries the head in yard. Over the next few weeks Meiwes defrosts and cooks parts of Mr.Brandes in olive oil and garlic. In the course of 10 months Armin Meiwes eats 44 pounds of Mr. Brandes flesh. Armin Meiwes found sexual enjoyment in eating his victim. While in prison Meiwes told detectives that he consumed his victim with a bottle of South African red wine and got out his best cutlery and decorated the table with candles. He tasted like pork he added. Armin Meiwes is now serving life in prison in Germany.

I definitely recommend this movie especially if you are into cannibalism.

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