Examination : LaLaLaurenPhotography

Name : LaLaLaurenphotography

Website : http://www.lalalaurenphotography.com

By : Doc AKA The Sadistic Surgeon


Nothing makes us here at Evil Movie Reviews happier than writing about the bloodiest, goriest, sickest movies that we can find. So when we came across someone that waslalalauren thrown into evil bliss by simply in her words, “throwing  blood on people and taking pictures of it”, and then posting those pictures on the interwebz for all of us to gaze at, we figured we had found a match made in heaven. With that being said, meet Lauren – better known as LaLaLauren.

Growing up in Goshen NY, not too far from this editor’s hometown, Lauren has always been an artist, delving into music, being in a band, and drawing. Currently based out of Pensacola Florida, in 2008 she picked up an SLR camera and her love of photography was born. She also has a long standing love of horror movies – the kind you don’t find in just everyone. The kind that makes you want to write reviews all day like myself and the crew here at EMR. In fact Lauren likes horror movies so much that she decided to start making her own. Her debut movie The Nameless is almost set to begin filming, and we should be able to go buy it somewhere in October of 2014. You can find a link to the movie’s widget on Indiegogo here, and you can bet that once it becomes available, EMR will get it under the microscope for review! Make sure you check out her facebook page, as well as the site for much much more.

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  1. Desso September 13, 2013 5:26 pm  Reply

    As someone that loves horror from slashers like Friday 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser to thrillers like the Ring and Night of the Living Dead, I am a huge fan of this girl’s work. I am looking forward to all good things coming from this!

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