Dark House (2009)

Dark House (2009)

Director : Darin Scott

Production : Phase Four Films
By Rhiannon AKA The Sadistic Nurse

This movie is a part of The Fangoria FrightFest collection. I am not as familiar with this series of movies but after watching Dark House I am definitely going to check out other movies in this series. I thought the beginning of the movie was kind of slow and uneventful, I almost turned the movie off but I stuck it out and finished watching it. I definitely thought that when the “Shit it’s the fan” in the movie, is when things really started to take off. Darin Scott directed this movie and wrote it with Kerry Douglas Dye.

Dark_houseDark House tells the story about a woman named Janet Darrode (Diane Salinger) she is an abusive religious fanatic who runs a foster home for children and then one day snaps and kills all the children and then kills herself. On the day of the massacre a young girl walks into the house and discovers a gruesome crime scene. Fourteen years later, a local girl named Claire (Meghan Ory) who is student actress, has had a traumatizing experience over something that happened in a house when she was a child. Claire’s therapist thinks that it might help her if she goes and revisits this old house. Claire had tired to go to the old house before but she is so frightened that she has never been able to get past the gate. The experience Claire had in this house has left her disturbed and traumatized.

During one of Claire’s advanced acting classes a Horror mogul named Walston Rey (Jeffery Combs) comes into her class and reveals that he has turned that house into a horror attraction site. He wants to hire Claire and her classmates to be hosts at the attraction. Claire sees this as an opportunity to enter the house and feel safe with her peers there with her in the house.
Walston and his staff have come up with this holographic three-dimensional system that creates a life-like interactive harmless horror figures that he shows off to Claire and her classmates. The ghost of Mrs. Darrode gets in to the system and holographic imagines become real and become activated by fear. The holographic imagines kill everyone in the house but Claire. Claire destroys the system after she discovers the connections she has to the house. After destroying the system Claire is left in a broken psychotic state.

I am kind of up in the air about this movie. I have mixed feelings about it. I wish there was more gore in the movie. The killing scenes are a little gory but this movie wasn’t gory enough for me at all. The ending of the movie is a total trip. I can say that it definitely threw me off for a moment and then I figured everything out. That’s why I had to be careful in writing this review because I didn’t want to give anything a way. I liked that director made you kind of think at the end of the movie. If you like movies that have trippy endings you will like this movie.

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